alesco has been a leading manufacturer of what are known as special bags for a wide range of product areas for many years. Whether it is fruit and vegetables or fittings for the sanitary area, the production capacity of more than 10 million bags per month makes a wide range of applications possible.

Through our close collaboration with customers and machine manufacturers we have developed products that have several advantages:

  • Excellent machine compatibility
  • High flexibility
  • Constant quality


Some key features to describe the product:
  • Bags on rolls with tear-off perforations
  • Use of a duplex seam (perforation and weld seam on a single bar)
  • Hole diameters in different sizes
  • Variable distances between the perforation and  the weld seam to the bag opening
  • Printed in up to ten colors and on both sides
  • Transparent or tinted
  • Also available as a carrier bag with a bottom fold and handle hole