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Green wrapping

Manufactured on the basis of conventional materials

In the year 2006 we decided to develop alternatives to the production of our wrappings that were previously manufactured on the basis of conventional materials. And as a medium sized company we felt it was time to take responsibility for the themes of protecting the environment and conserving finite resources. Within a short time, in close cooperation with our suppliers of raw materials, our development department presented its first results in the field of biodegradable wrapping.


It was a logical step to use one of our core markets – the special bags – as the first distribution channel for this new product, as there was a perfect synergy between organic fruit and organic vegetables in organic packaging. Our special bag made from biodegradable material was presented at the Fruit Logistica 2007.


Developments for further areas of use then followed. The postal sector (bulk mailing) proved to be especially interested, and organic wrapping turned out to be ideal for use in this segment due to its positive processing characteristics.


It goes without saying that we also wanted to offer the products from our other core markets in alternative organic wrapping. Our task was to adapt the shrink wrapping characteristics so that the drinks six packs were as stable and sturdy as they are with conventional PE. In cooperation with a large scale manufacturer of raw materials, this proved possible to achieve.


In 2012, in addition to our biodegradable wrapping, we developed a wrapping that is based on renewable raw materials. The prerequisite for the use of the 'I'm Green' logo is that a certain percentage of the formulation consists of renewable raw materials. Checks completed by an external organisation confirmed that we satisfy the requirements for the use of this label. In addition to the environmental component, this material stands out by the fact that it can be processed in a similar way to PE, and that it does not lead to the occurrence of performance-related limitations on extrusion systems. The first uses of this product have also been in the area of fruit and vegetables.


The third product in the context of our 'green wrappings' are our wrappings which are based on reclaim. Here, the conservation of finite resources takes centre stage. We are currently working on advanced concepts for the extension of the areas of use. Topics such as general food safety and problem free processing require intense preparations and strictly managed processes to ensure that the levels of quality satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Attributes of biodegradable wrapping:


  • Certified according to EN 13432 (biodegradable and compostable)
  • Good contact transparency
  • Can be printed on
  • High surface tension (no pre-treatment required)
  • Thickness reductions possible due to superior mechanical attributes in comparison with conventional PE

Attributes of wrapping that is based on renewable raw materials:


  • Tested according to ASTM 6866
  • Good degree of transparency.
  • Processing similar to PE
  • Disposal via the 'yellow bag' / 'yellow container' 

Attributes of reclaim wrapping:


  • Conservation of finite resources
  • Transparent or tinted
  • As mono or co-ex wrapping