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Consumer wrapping

Individual packaging to ensure your sales success

Would you buy the proverbial pig in a poke? Of course not. And your customers wouldn't either. For this reason alesco has developed super-transparent consumer films.

It enables your customers to see what they are deciding on before they make their purchase: your product. The combination of top quality production, a brilliant print image and customised production ensures the maximum recognition value at the point of sale.

However, for the consumers there is more to it than just the best view of your product. Due to the excess supply of products at the point of sale, it is necessary to attract their attention with a punchy print. You can get this mix of highly transparent wrapping and brilliant print image from a single source – at alesco. Our machinery ensures short delivery times and a high degree of flexibility. Regular checks guarantee a level of quality that is consistently high.

There are even more reasons why you can rely on alesco for your consumer packaging:


  • Transparent films which are also available in coloured designs
  • Mono and co-ex qualities from a single source
  • Thickness-reduced wrapping (environmentally friendly, reduces waste of resources)
  • Trouble-free machinability during filling (also with thickness-reduced wrapping)
  • Considerable advertising effectiveness through ten colour printing
  • Flexibility through the grouping of the extrusion, production and printing processes
  • High quality presentation of your products

We produce consumer wrapping (non-printed & printed/customised) for the following markets:


  • Drinks
  • soils
  • green market: fruit & vegetables
  • hygiene
  • deep freeze products
  • canned food
  • animal food
  • other food and non-food markets