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About us

For over half a century alesco has been your partner when it comes to premium packaging solutions. Around 95 well-versed employees in Langerwehe ensure that you receive high-quality products.
DRESS YOUR BRANDS®! is much more than just an advertising slogan to us.
We think that packaging is more than mere protection of its contents. Modern packaging compliments your product in a similar manner as a well-fitting suit. It can be as tempting as an elegant gown. And it shelters your goods like a warming coat.alesco's packaging not only protects your products by dressing them, furthermore it makes them more attractive for your customers. 
We would like to invite you to find out about our company and its history as well as our products and services on our web site. Discover what our claim is about:

Our Partners

The history of alesco Folien


Startup of the recently purchased prinitng machine as well as of the new 5-layer coextrusion machine.


Setup of regranulation equipment for the recycling of film waste. Startup of a new rewinder. 


Extension of the coextrusion capacities. Modernisation and refurbishment of the production and office buildings. Retrofit of the existing finishing machinery.


Implementation of an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001. Entitlement to use 'I am Green'. 'Folien Herford GmbH & Co.KG' takes over both locations of the alesco GmbH & Co. KG. From now on the Langerwehe location is doing business under the name of 'alsesco Folien GmbH & Co. KG', the Alsdorf location under the name of 'Aldoplastic GmbH & Co. KG'.


alesco installs its third eight colour printing machine for further development of its capacities of refined products.


alesco focuses on its core business, the production of flexible wrapping films, and sells parts of its business unit paper finishing. On 1 January 2008, Walke AG takes over the gummed paper strips and waxed paper divisions whereas alesco continues to control the bitumen and crepe paper divisions.


The parent company changes its name into a more international one and calls itself alesco GmbH & Co. KG from now on.


The company invests in another eight colour flexographic printing machine at the Langerwehe location.
The company joins the European Bioplastics Association e.V. (formerly IBAW) and starts its first production tests on flexible films made from renewable raw materials.


The company invests in an eight colour flexographic printing machine and a laminator. Furthermore its co-ex capacities are extended.


The core businesses of films for beverages, turfs/soils and for the green market are further developed.


The company extends its printing capacities at the Langerwehe location.


Until 1980 almost all customers are based in Germany. The company management decides to change that and invests in entering new markets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Subsequently several field sales offices are established to serve those new markets.


The transport packaging produced by 'Aldo-Plastik Kunststofffolien GmbH & Co. KG' in Alsdorf is a perfect match for Ewald Schoeller's portfolio. He acquires the company and its employees in 1979.


By buying the first foil printing machine, the company management enters the world of further processing. A measure which is being consistently pursued and developed to this day.


Ewald Schoeller GmbH is one of the first companies to start manufacturing 'plastic containers' (now known as hollow bodies) in Germany.


In anticipating future requirements the company starts to fabricate polyethylene films on an experimental basis.


The company buildings are entirely destroyed during World War II. Only the founder's villa can be rebuilt alongside the premises at the end of the war. All other buildings have to be constructed from scratch.


Ewald Schoeller, an expellee from East Prussia, settles in Langerwehe, where he sets up the company 'Ewald Schoeller GmbH & Co. KG'. He starts to fabricate paper products and yarns on the premises of a former needle factory.